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5245 E 25th St, Indianapolis, IN 46218

(317) 543-5999


Weekly track schedule and track news:
As many of you know this is the last week at the indoor Indianapolis location, the original location in Johnson County Park with the huge 1/8th track and 1/10th track will remain and is all we will have for outdoor summer time racing.
Monster Hobbies most items in the shop are up to 50% off as we clearance remaining inventory.
We have plenty of tables, chairs, display cases, etc to move, so if you know someone looking for anything like that send them our way!

We do want to thank you all that have supported the indoor tracks,it's been a honor to give Indianapolis a off-road and oval track for the last 5+ years!


4/25 The last Tuesday electric racing. Doors open at 5:00pm and racing starts at 7:00pm


4/27 Thursday closed track rebuild.


4/28 Friday Midwest 1/8th tour practice. Doors open at 11:30am practice starts at noon and runs till 10:00pm


4/29 Saturday Midwest 1/8th tour race. Doors open at 7:00am with practice till 8:30am for those only that did not practice Friday. Racing starts at 9:00am.


4/30 Sunday closed.





The Nitro and Electric Outdoor Track at the Indy location

Indoor Air conditioned pitting is available on a first come first serve basis. For outdoor pitting bring your ez-ups, tables, chairs and extension cords. We still have work to do, but we are ready to get racing outdoors! Those of you that have come to love JCP, know that we are always striving to continually improve.... We hope that you won't mind that we are a work in progress!! We will have our normal concessions available in the Oval building upstairs in the Hobby Shop!

JCP Indy Outdoor Off-Road Track
JCP Indy Indoor Off-Road Track
JCP Indoor is 1:10 scale and 1:8 scale friendly track measuring 95'x110'. As always it will include the Monster's trademark wide-type pit lane. Boasting a Drivers Stand of 8'x32 with a wheelchair ramp.

Large Pit Area with over 100 spots
JCP South 1/8th Scale track / Johnson County Park Location
JCP South 1/10th Scale track / Johnson County Park Location


Oval racing every Friday (unless otherwise posted).

Doors open at 5:00 pm and racing begins at 7:00 pm.

Cost is $15.00 first class, $5.00 for each additional class.

Two qualifiers and mains.

Oval Classes:

Novice - 1/10th scale 2wd.

Mod DODC Sprint w/foam tires.

13.5 DODC Late Model w/foam tires.

Street Stock 1/10th off-road Buggy w/street stock bodies and foam tires.

MDM Stock Slash w/modified body (late model bodies will run in this class) must run 12 turn Titan motor.

SCT MDM Open motor w/slash tires.

4x4 SCT Modified body w/ slash tires.

1/8th Scale Late Model must use Ofna street tire or Losi late model tire.

Bodies will not be permitted to drag the track.

We think this is a good start for JCP-RC Oval, but is subject to change as we grow.

We will also be racing on select Sundays!!

Sunday March 16th will be the first race

Doors open at 10:00 am and racing begins at 1:00 pm.

Two qualifiers and mains

Cost is $15.00 first class and $5.00 each additional class.

Also check out the new Hobby Shop / Monster Hobbies


Click here for sneak peak of the oval

We want your input on what you want for oval racing!! Come on out and run on the track and talk with us!! Give us your input and share your ideas!

Oval Slash/MDM Rules 2014

JCP-RC Oval Raceway 5245 E 25th St, Indianapolis, In 46218


Must use stock Traxxas Slash 2wd chassis and components, unmodified, unless otherwise specified. No modifying, replacing, or removing any components unless otherwise specified.

All suspension components must be installed in the proper position and location on the car from the factory (Example: Left caster block on the left, right caster block on the right, suspension arms right side up and on the proper corner of the chassis, etc.)

Any color Traxxas Slash aluminum steering bell cranks (#3743), caster blocks (#3632), steering blocks (#3636), camber links and rear axle carriers (#3652) are allowed. Other manufacturer’s comparable parts are allowed for use. They must be exact replacement parts and are limited to the identical Traxxas parts listed above (Example: No aluminum shock towers, transmission cases, suspension arms and so forth). Rear axle carriers (bearing carriers) that add additional toe in or out are not allowed.

RPM rear carriers (#80382), front steering blocks (380372), caster blocks (#80712), and front (#80952, #80953, and #80955) and rear (#81002, #81003, and #81005) bumpers will be allowed.

The hoop and ears on the front bumper can be cut off, however, the main area of the bumper must remain intact.

Transmitter/Receiver and servo may be replaced. (Servo saver will not be a tech item)

Locking or modifying the differential in any way will not be allowed. The differential must have normal diff action when rotating one rear tire against the normal compression (resistance) of the motor. No Ball Diffs.

No Sway Bars.

Any additional weight must be added to the main chassis plate area. Adding weight to nerf bars, bumpers, headers, suspension arms, or any component not within the main chassis area will not be allowed. The ESC, transponder, and receiver can be mounted anywhere inside the main chassis plate area only.

Motor, ESC, and Battery:

Motor/ESC option #1: Must use the stock XL-5 ESC and unaltered Titan 12T 550 brushed motor. Tuning, tweaking, or modifying the motor in any way will not be allowed. The outer

Oval Slash/MDM Rules 2014

metal sleeve on the motor is considered part of the motor and must be installed as is from the factory. The stock (bullet) connectors from the motor to the ESC must be used. Soldering the connectors is not allowed.

Motor/ESC option #2: The Speed Passion Revention Stock Club Race ESC (#SP000048) and Speed Passion 17.5 Competition Version 3.0 brushless motor (#SP000236 or #138175V3) will be allowed. There are two versions of motors, Fixed timing and Adjustable timing. While either of these is legal, the Fixed timing version is the preference (#SP000236). Additionally you will be allowed to replace the stock Sensor/Timing Board with the optional Passion Red Sensor Board (#SP 000048). All motors must use the factory spec purple ring motor. This is the only brushless/esc combo that will be allowed.

No limit on gearing. However, the Traxxas spur gears (#4683, #4686, and #4690) must be used. No slipper eliminators are allowed.


Any 2 cell Li-Po battery with a maximum of 7000mah and 70c may be used (charged to max. 8.44v) or Traxxas brand 7-cell Ni-MH stick pack battery.

Battery must be mounted in the stock center tray location, but can be moved forward or back, as long as it stays within the stock boundaries of the battery tray.

Any style battery plug may be used for the ESC battery connection. However, indirect soldering to the battery will not be allowed.


Any 2.2/3.0 short course wheel will be allowed. Each wheel must have a maximum of two vent holes per wheel.

Must use Traxxas Slash tires. Choice of Spec Slash, Kumho Venture, and BF Goodrich treads.

S-1 compound tires for any threads will not be allowed.

Altering the inside of the tire in any way will not be allowed. However, gluing or taping the outside of the tire to help prevent traction rolling is allowed.

Tires cannot be ground down to slicks. Tires must have a minimum tread depth of .065” for all three tread styles.

Must use the stock foam insert provided with the tire. Altering the insert will not be permitted. One foam insert per tire only.

Oval Slash/MDM Rules 2014

Absolutely no tire traction compounds may be used at any time.


Stock Traxxas Slash springs only! This means the white factory springs that come on a 2wd Traxxas Slash truck (front spring #5857 and rear #5858).

Springs cannot be cut or altered from factory specs in any way.

Traxxas hard anodized shocks (#4760 and #4761) are the only optional shock that is allowed.

Traxxas Big Bore shocks are not allowed.

The shock oil or shock travel/length will not be mandated.

Two stage pistons or any modification to the shock piston to tune the compression and/or rebound will not be allowed. Must use the Traxxas Slash pistons.


Must be a Midwest Modified body style based on Bart’s R/C short course modified bodies.

Body must be made of a minimum of .030” thick Lexan/Polycarbonate material (panel thickness does not include paint or decals).

Min/Max body width 11”-11.5”.

Min/Max side panel length 14”-14.5” (measured from the front edge of door to the rear edge of the quarter panel).

Min/Max side panel height 4”-5” (maximum bottom bend out of .500” is allowed).

Min/Max center section height 13.5”-14”.

Center section cannot extend past either side panel or the rear edges (not including the spoiler).

Center section must have a minimum of a .250” 90* bend down at the front edge for support.

Center section must be parallel with the top bend of the door panels and on the same plane as the panels.

Min/Max roof panel length 5.75”-6.25”.

Min/Max roof panel width 7.5”-8”.

Min/Max roof panel height from center deck 1.5”-2”.

Oval Slash/MDM Rules 2014

Roof panel must have a .50 to .375 bend on both the leading and trailing edges (can be bent up or down).

Minimum distance from the rear shock tower to the rear edge of the body center section (not including the spoiler) should be 5.5”.

Hood must be 4.5”-5.5” in length from the front edge of the center section and must be mounted at least reasonably parallel to the chassis (mounting the hood at an extreme angle for an aerodynamic advantage will not be allowed).

Front air dam (nose piece) must have a maximum dimension of (L) 5” x (W) 4.750” and a minimum length of 2.5”.

Spoiler maximum height of 1.250” from the top of the deck to the top of the spoiler.

Bodies must be centered on the chassis as close as reasonably possible.

Rear wheel and tires must be inside of the bodywork.

All corner edges of the body must be rounded (no sharp corners) to help reduce in track damage.

Tech Inspections:

Any car can be subject to tech inspection at any time. Please ensure that your cars are legal at all times.
JCP Indoor is 1:10 scale and 1:8 scale Friendly Track.
As always it will include the Monster's trademark wide-type pit lane.

Boasting a Drivers Stand of 8'x32', bump'n elbows is a thing of the past!

OUTDOOR Track: Edinburgh, IN/Camp Atterbury/Johnson County Park

Measuring in at 185 ft by 120 ft, this 1:8 scale monster is one of the largest (if not the largest) tracks in the Midwest. Boasting an 18 ft tall drivers stand, centered between BOTH tracks, racing at this monster is not for the squeamish!! Nitro Buggys and Truggys have been tearing the track up since 2004. Our largest race to date was just before the track was relocated (from a mile up the road), during a Pro Series race with 350 entries. In 2011, the 1:10 scale mini-monster was added for Short Course and Mod Buggy racing. Measuring in at 100 ft by 100 ft, this track has continued to please the electric fans on a smaller scale. For those of you who enjoy racing under the lights, this is the place to be! Located within a park with camping sites, RV hook-up, shower houses, electrical access, plenty of space for pitting, and NO curfew!! This is always a fun weekend get-a-way. Every year we host The Great Pumpkin Race, where we give back to the racing community by providing a hog roast and pitch-in lunch. Complete with T-shirts, prizes, racing and food.....It doesn't get any better than that, and always guaranteed to be a good time with great racing.

THE 1/8 Scale OUTDOOR TRACK (The Monster!!)

JCP-RC Raceway General Rules


Safety is our first priority, if you see something you think is unsafe, please report it to a Track Official.

All Racers must be signed-in before accessing the driver’s stand. No exceptions.

A drivers meeting prior to each event is mandatory. Rules, procedures and race formats will be discussed during this meeting. A penalty may be assessed against any driver who does not attend the meeting.

Only drivers running their car, are allowed on any area of the driver’s stand.

Only closed toe shoes are permitted on the track. No sandals or flip-flops allowed on the track.

No children under the age of 12 years old are permitted to turn-marshal on the track when 1/8th scale or 4wd Short Course classes are running.

Distractions and coaching are prohibited during race events. You will get ONE warning, then you will be removed throughout the duration of the event.

If your car breaks during a race/qualifier please stop running and get it after the heat. This can become a hazard for current racers as well as impact the outcome of the race. The marshal’s responsibility is to marshal, not repair cars during a race.

All back-to-back multiple class racers must have a turn-marshal designated and declared to the race official before the round starts or will sacrifice the heat to marshal.

There will be a two-to-three minute grace period between heats. All racers must immediately put their cars and radios down and get into a turn marshal position within one (1) minute. If you are running back-to-back you must have your marshal designate notify the race announcer and get into position within this time period. Any racer will be allowed a one (1)-minute delay once per round. There can only be one delay per heat. The penalty for not adhering to the rules will be the subtraction of one lap per offence in the mains.

No littering, please clean-up after yourself as well as any trash in your immediate area.

Any of the following actions by a driver or his pit crew may result in disqualification from the event:

Operating a car anywhere that endangers others or while a race is going on.

Assaulting another individual.

Using any parts that do not comply with the rules.

Using improper language or actions with directors, participants, or spectators

Using improper language, yelling, or actions with marshals

Allowing individuals to substitute for you in a race.

Rough driving or intentional hacking.


Drivers must marshal for their designated race and be in position by the 1 minute call to race.

It is the original driver’s responsibility to find a substitute and he is responsible for the actions of that substitute.

Turn marshals are not permitted to repair vehicles. Marshals will take disabled vehicles to the closest outer edge of the race track as soon as possible. When marshaling a vehicle, it should be returned to the point where it left the racing surface. Care must be exercised not to interfere with on-coming vehicles.

Turn marshals are expected to watch their corner and not the race. Marshals must watch for on-coming traffic while entering the track to marshal a vehicle, and when placing the vehicle back onto the track.

A vehicle running on the track has the right of way over a vehicle that has become disabled.

No Tolerance Policy

There will be no fighting, or illegal activities tolerated. No use of foul language, trash talking, arguing with track officers and fellow competitors. No unsportsmanlike conduct, yelling at turn-marshals or cheating. If anyone is caught conducting any of the above mentioned, or is associated with these activities, you will be asked to leave the premises immediately. You will also forfeit your entry fee.

Please, have the right attitude. This is a hobby and supposed to be FUN! No cursing or temper tantrums. We are a family friendly track.

No person attending JCP-RC Raceway will have any claim for damages, expenses, lawsuits or otherwise against a promoter, track operator, its officials, agents or employees, resulting from any damage to any car, personal injury, or monetary loss, of any kind whatsoever. All attendants waive any claim they may have against a promoter, track operator or JCP-RC Raceway when they participate in any event being run under these rules. Signing up and paying race or practice fees indicate a racers agreement to the above statements.

RC racing at its finest brought to you by JCP RC
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RC racing at its finest brought to you by JCP RC